What’s at the edge of your comfort zone?

Every three months or so, I attend a mastermind group of fellow writers and entrepreneurs.  Every three months or so I say, “should I go?”  And every three months or so, I came back from the warm and sunny meeting destination and say, “Wow, I can’t wait to do that again!”

Why the doubt and dread followed by such unbridled enthusiasm?  My comfort zone! That little bubble of security that keeps me from scary things and also keeps me from growing.

I recently read that your body, right down to the individual cell level, has the same choice…to grow or to protect.  Every cell has to determine whether the conditions are right to use the cell energy for growth (i.e. cell reproduction) or to use the energy to protect against toxins, free radicals and stress.

How much energy are you using to protect the status quo?  How much energy are you using to grow and stretch your mind, body and soul?  If you are in protection mode, what are your defending against?  If you are in a stretching mode, what’s at the edge of your comfort zone?

The reason I am addicted to my little circle of cohorts is because they challenge me.  They require me to think differently, to put myself on the line and to even try new and different physical activities.  Last week I was at hit at belly dancing!

Let me challenge you this week to creep up to edge if your comfort zone and peer over.  Do you see starting a new job, learning a new sport, or making new friends?  Whatever you chose to do will reap benefits in all areas of your life.  So come on and enlarge that comfort zone!

Here’s to your success,