When I was general manager of a radio station here in Colorado Springs, we ran a spot for a local commercial painter saying he won the “painter Olympics”.  He was a house painter and it sounded good to him.  However, it did not sound so good to the general council of the United States Olympic Committee.  The USOC attorney happened to be a faithful fan and he was not pleased with our use of their brand. 

After assuring the attorney that we would cease and desist, I made a mental note of this powerful lesson in defending your brand.  Did you know that Xerox, Kleenex, Clorox, Nike, etc all have to mount a defense whenever they hear or see their brand infringed upon.  The courts want to see active defense of the brand in order to uphold it. 

So what’s your brand and are you defending it vigorously? 

Hip hop clothier, Daymond John of FUBU says that “you’re a brand the day you are born.  And your actions become the brand you are.  And whether you’re a famous rapper, an actor, or someone with a desk job, brand matters.” 

If I were to interview your friends and coworkers, how would they describe you?  What are you known for…being trustworthy, having the answers, working hard…being contrary, being a loner?  Check out how you are being perceived and if that’s what you want, go for it!  

If it’s not the brand you want, you can change it…but it will take a product redesign (rethinking and practicing new behaviors) and a real marketing campaign to reinvent your brand. If you want to know what your “brand” is, check out the 3600 assessment tools and coaching options at www.successsavvy.com

Here’s to your success,