Richard Bolles, in his best seller, What Color Is Your Parachute?, describes one’s mission as “that place where your passion and the world’s need collide.”  For the last several years, my mission has been to convince senior level executives that treating people with dignity and respect is good business.  As a management consultant, I have been working in client engagements where I can demonstrate that high performance work practices impact the bottom-line; where I help make business strategy real, from the corporate boardroom to front line employees.

With a background in clinical psychology, general management, training and executive development, I have over 20 years expertise in Organizational Effectiveness from both a consulting and management perspective.  I have also worked with Fortune 1000 clients in developing customer-focused marketing capabilities.

My Masters in Business Administration is in Leadership and Human Resource Management from the University of Colorado.  I am certified by the Center for Creative Leadership in Executive Development and by Georgetown University in Executive Leadership Coaching.